Worklife Balance Takes Practice

yogaWe did balance poses in yoga this morning. Like a tree.  Or any shape you want. As long as you remain on one foot. We were practicing the ability to balance when our center of gravity is uprooted. That is not what we traditionally mean by ‘balance’ in the context of work. Usually, we are referring to the ability to build balance into our lives so that both our work and life feet are planted firmly on the ground.

For many years we learned to balance on only the foot of work, barely fitting in the rest of our life. In these difficult times, many of us are spending too much time balancing on only the foot of life. We congratulate ourselves on our new found fitness, the time spent with family and friends, the beauty of our garden. Yet we sharply feel the missing foot of our work.

just soupThe reality of our world is that balance rarely happens smoothly or evenly. Balance often happens sequentially. Like a child learning new skills. All walk for a while, all talk for a while. Before the different skills come together to form a more seamless whole.

Gratefully, it appears that we will not return quickly to that world of all work, nor can we live forever in the world of all play. Our work now is to help build a society with workplaces where work and life become more seamlessly interwoven. At this time we can begin to challenge each other to think differently about our work. We can help each other develop the support necessary so that even when we must be on one foot, we are not in so much danger of falling down.