Worklife Balance Takes Practice

yogaWe did balance poses in yoga this morning. Like a tree.  Or any shape you want. As long as you remain on one foot. We were practicing the ability to balance when our center of gravity is uprooted. That is not what we traditionally mean by ‘balance’ in the context of work. Usually, we are referring to the ability to build balance into our lives so that both our work and life feet are planted firmly on the ground. Continue reading

In Leadership, the Ability to Learn Trumps All Other Skills

For the fourth year I am teaching a course on Leadership and Career, a full semester course for MBA students. In developing this course the first question is where to start? What is the most important skill? Which ability do all the others rest on? Continue reading

During Job Interviews, Present Yourself as a Learner

job_interview_learningFacilitating a career class for recently, I heard the following:

“In my field I’m an expert. When I interview I make sure to let the interviewer know how much information I have about the job. Often, I know more than the interviewer. I don’t get a call back. I think they believe that I am trying to get their job. What do I do?”

Does this sound familiar to you? Continue reading